Grayland DX Clip Sampler

I have assembled a sampler of my DX catches made at Grayland in October 2006. The quality of the catches varies widely, but I hope that I am able to give a taste of what can be heard at Grayland. Be aware that some of the clips are rather long. (All times in UTC). Have fun! Bill

531 - JOQG (NHK1) Morioka, Japan 
- Not a great clip, but if you listen closely, you can hear the muffled call letters JOQG at about 0:03. This is followed by time pips and a male announcer in Japanese. There is another set of pips just before the NHK time pips.  A mystery station! 20061007-0959 CLIP (0:47)

550 - KTZN Anchorage, Alaska
- The V show on ESPN, talk about NFL football. Ad and local ID "The Zone" and calls.  Nasty interference from mostly KOAC and KARI. 20061008-0952  CLIP (4:35)

558 - HLQH (KBS2) Daegu, South Korea
- Music, ID by female "KBS Che-i Radio-mnida", sponsor of time check (unclear) for 9 o'clock, sounder and time pip.  This was followed by a new program.  I did not catch the name of the program, but I heard a reference to something about Sunday. Near the end of the clip you can hear JOCR, Kobe, Japan trying to fade in.  20061007-1159

558 -JOCR (AMK) Kobe, Japan
- In this clip, you can hear a woman singing a song promoting the station and near the end, she says "AMK" for the name of the station. 20061007-1445 CLIP (0:51)

580 - KRSA Petersburg, Alaska
- Ad for March of Dimes, weather for Southeast Alaska, local ID, and Christian Music. Mostly above the interference. 20061008-1002 CLIP (3:19)

560 - CHTK Prince Rupert, British Columbia and
KPQ Wenatchee, Washington
- I was trying for CHTK on this clip, but KPQ with Coast to Coast AM and Art Bell was dominating the channel. CHTK did manage to sneak in a couple times. There is a good clear ID for CHTK at about 0:42 20061008-1006 CLIP (2:48)

570 - CKWH Whitehorse, Yukon
- The woman speaking in this clip is most likely CKWH. I assume that the man talking is KVI. I tuned across 570 several times during the DXpedition, but never long enough for a good ID. 20061008-0915 CLIP (0:18)

594 - JOAK (NHK1) Tokyo, Japan
- Two man talking in the studio in Japanese.  There was severe slop from 590 and 600. 20061007-1419 CLIP (1:25)
603 HLSA (KBS2) Seoul (Namyang) South Korea
- This is a really rough clip and typical for what I heard on this channel at Grayland. On this one, I heard Korean by a man and a woman.  There is a sub-audible het (SAH) and possibly some audio in the mix on this clip. This may be the Chinese station I heard trying to break through at other times. 20061007-1412 CLIP (0:50)

621 - Pyongyang Bangsong (PBS) Chongjin, North Korea - This clip starts out with a woman in Korean mixing with a station in presumed Russian (Radio Rossii?). This was followed by musical interlude and then a man talking in Korean. If you can help ID the other station, please let me know. 20061007-1405 CLIP (5:15)

639 - Chinese National Radio 1 (CNR1) Beijing, China
- A man and a woman speaking in Chinese.  I identified it earlier as a parallel to 4460.  I believe there was another station lurking in this clip. HLKC 639 South Korea was heard here at other times. 20061007-1411 CLIP (0:25)

640 - KYUK Bethel, Alaska
- ID by female right at TOH, ad for the Peace Corps and then NPR news. 20061008-1400 LONG CLIP (2:35) / TOH ID CLIP (0:08)

650 - KENI Anchorage, Alaska
- Newsradio 650 KENI promo into spot for UAA Hockey. Mixing with presumed CISL. 20061007-0730  CLIP (0:48)
- Weather forecast for South Central Alaska and IDs. 20061007-0828 CLIP (0:32)

657 - Pyongyang Bangsong (PBS) Pyongyang (Kangnam), North Korea
- Identified using 2850 as a parallel.  What is interesting is that the music is the same on both channels, but the chorus is more audible on the shortwave frequency.  At other times, I heard the South Korean jammer, HLKM, and possibly a Chinese station here. 20061008-1220 CLIP (4:25)

666 - JOBK (NHK1) Osaka, Japan
- In this short clip, a male is speaking in Japanese. I was surprised at the low level audio that this channel produced.  I was hoping for another station to show itself, but none did.  20061007-1418 CLIP (0:44)

670 - KDLG Dillingham, Alaska
- This one starts out with a BBC World Business Review and is followed by a review of program featuring American composers and finally an ID. 20061008-1358 CLIP (1:15)

684 - Unidentified Stations China
- I never did positively identify a station here.  This clip has at least two Chinese stations audible.  I was hoping to hear the North Korean station on this channel, but so far I have not heard them on any of the clips from this channel. 20061008-1424 CLIP (0:30)

693 - JOAB (NHK1) Tokyo, Japan
- English language lesson. Topic was an older sister with good fashion sense when she handed down a skirt to her younger sister. Alone on the channel this and every other time I tuned by. 20061006-1104  CLIP (0:43)

700 - KXLX Airway Heights, Washington
- I always get a kick out of the way many stations which run network programming swallow their legal top of the hour IDs like this one. 20061007-1500 CLIP (0:11)

702 -2BL (ABC) Sydney, Australia
- Man talking in English, song "Lost in Love," which was cut off. Into time pips at 1000, news sounder, and a female with with news. 20061006-0959 CLIP (3:03)

729 - JOCK (NHK) Nagoya, Japan
- Two men speaking in Japanese. They were on top of this channel for a while before Jiangxi RGD faded up.  20061007-1157 CLIP (0:43)

729 - Jiangxi RGD Namchang, China
- Many references to Jiangxi, string of ads. Into remote broadcast. 20061008-1417:30 CLIP (2:30)

729 - DWES Tuguegarao, Philippines (tentative) and Voice of Vietnam, Quang Binh, Vietnam
- In addition to the Japanese on this clip, Charlie Taylor informs me that the language of one of the stations is standard (northern Vietnamese).  He also says that he hears a station from the Philippines on the clip because there are two mentions of Filipinas as well as the the word Ano meaning "what." Thanks Charlie. 20061008-1423 CLIP (1:43)

738 - RBC or KNB Japan
- I don't know which private Japanese station this is, but it is one them. A Chinese station and possibly the Korean station are also audible on the clip.  20061006-1440 CLIP (0:59)

738 - HLKG (KBS) Daegu, South Korea
- Man in Korean with weather. Female with time check for 10 o'clock and full ID including calls. This was followed by the 10 o'clock News. 20061008-1259 CLIP (1:10)

774 - Hubei RGD Wuhan, China
- After listening to my clip numerous times and consulting with other DXers, heard a mention of Hubei. Other DXers recorded a positive ID right before my recording started. 20061008-1540 CLIP (6:20)

774 - JOUB Akita, Japan
- Weather in Japanese by male announcer, local ID by female announcer, and then Korean language lessons for Japanese speakers. A Chinese station was audible in the background. 20061006-1319 CLIP (1:09)

780 - KNOM Nome, Alaska (Tentative) and KKOH Reno, Nevada
- Presumed KNOM with instrumental music and KKOH with an informercial.  Starting at about 4:45 into the clip, the presumed KNOM had some talk. 20061008-1247  CLIP (6:28)
- I heard some music and then an announcement also under KKOH with the informercial. I have tried, without luck, to listen for a clear KNOM ID on both clips.  Can you hear an ID?  If you can please let me know the exact time into the clip? 20061008-1258 CLIP (1:00)

783 - HLCV (KBS1) Yeongwol, South Korea; Unidentified China or Hong Kong; and Voice of Vietnam  Can Tho (Thoi Long), Vietnam
- At the start of this clip, there were a few seconds of Korean, but not enough to make out what was said. Ater that, the other two stations took over. I would like to find out if I had a station from the main part of China or from Hong Kong. 20061007-1434  CLIP (7:09)

810 - Radio Rossii Razdol'noe, Russia-
- One of my most fascinating clips I have ever recorded. Blew away KGO for a few minutes. At the beginning of the clip you can hear a clear ID by male "Radio Rossii", woman and man spoke. China and someone else (maybe FEN Tokyo) trying to break through. KGO was possibly heard in the mix with religion. KTBI was also heard at the end of the clip signing on. 20061008-1408 CLIP (7:32)

819 - JONK Nagano, Japan/Korean Central Broadcasting Station (KCBS) Pyongyang, North Korea
- A mix of a female announcer in Japanese and Choral music in Korean. 20061007-1014 CLIP (1:33)

828 - JOBB (NHK2) Osaka, Japan
- Little doubt who this was with the English language lessons. 20061007-0931 CLIP (0:30)

830 - KSPD Sand Point, Alaska (0:37)
- You can hear a clear ID by KSPD on this clip at about 0:24. There was interference from KLAA with Doctor roy and another station. 20061007-0652 CLIP

850 - KICY Nome, Alaska
- Talk in Russian and song by man and woman in Russian. Topping the Channel. ID in EE and RR at the end of the full clip. New program with female announcer. Topping the channel about 3/4 of the time. 20061007-1014 ID ONLY (0:48) / FULL CLIP (9:47)

864 - HLKR Gangneung, South Korea
- A man and a woman talking in Korean over the din of at least two or three stations.  I am pretty sure two of the stations were from Japan. 20061008-1215 CLIP (1:03)
- A woman in Korean talking about something going on with the police. Not perfectly readable over the channel din. 20061008-1217 CLIP (1:20)

873 - JOGB (NHK) Kumamoto, Japan and Korean Central Broadcast Station (KCBS) Sinuiju, North Korea (1:03)
- A man in Japanese was topping the channel over the North Korean. Someone was off frequency and wobbling between 20 hz and 150 hz.  This was easily filtered out and made the audio more clear. 20061007-1206 CLIP

891 - Radio Thailand 1st Network, Nong Khae, Thailand, HLKB (KBS1) Busan, South Korea, and JOHK (NHK1) Sendai, Japan
- A woman probably in Thai on top of the presumed HLKB and JOHK 20061008-1242 CLIP (0:32)
- The stations take turns dominating the channel. This clip starts out with Thai music and then a man talking in Japanese.  A little later on a woman is talking in Korean. There is a woman talking in Thai as well.  20061008-1342 CLIP (2:37)

930 - KTKN Ketchikan, Alaska
- On top with sports by a woman, ID by a man for KTKN and a translator. Into song "Money, Money." 20061008-1340 CLIP (1:22)

936 - Anhui RGD 936 Hefei, China
- Assumed the one with a man speaking with a monotone. A female announcer in Chinese bubbled up for a second at about 3:25 into the cut. I thought I heard another station yet in the mix, possibly Japanese or Korean. 20061007-1336 CLIP (3:45)

945 - China National Radio 1 (CNR1) Various, China
- Lady and Man in Chinese with ads. ID by female at 1333 "Chunghwa Renmin Guangpo Dientai" //4460. Beginning at about 1:05 into the clip, another station tries to break through with some singing. 20061007-1332 CLIP (3:00) 

954 - JOKR (TBS - Tokyo Hoso) Tokyo, Japan
Studio banter in Japanese at least two males and one female. 20061006-1128 CLIP (1:17)

963 - China Radio International - Unknown, China
- Female in Russian, assumed CRI Fairly good signal, but lots of slop. 00963-20061007-1122 (2:01)
- Male and female in Russian CRI, o/station in Korean which was trying to bubble through
00963-20061008-1136 (3:15)

972  - HLCA (KBS Liberty 1) Dangjin, South Korea 
-Female in Studio reading news items and then turning over to reporters. One example, rapid fire male in KK talking about diplomatic relations and North Korea //1134
0972-20061006-1212-KBS_Liberty_Program (3:51)
Male in Korean introducing song. Song's name was "Wae, wae, wae ulkka?" (Why, Why, Why, are You Crying?") TOH ID by Male. Slop made it difficult to hear the ID, but I heard the mentions of at least two frequencies and of "Che-il" (or number 1) into News.
0972-20061006-1458-HLCA (3:18)

981 - China National Radio (CNR1) Various, China
- Female in Chinese and music. Clear ID 1:29 into the clip as "Chunghua Renmin Guangpo Dientai." You can hear an echo effect on the clip. There is a deep fade in the second half of the clip, but stick with it, the signal comes back strong with a man singing. 00981-20061007-1026 (3:35)
- Assumed the one with a man speaking in Chinese. Another station was lurking in the background. 00981-20061008-1207  (1:33)

1008 - HLCS (KBS3) Sokcho, South Korea
- Female and male in Korean. Over presumed JONR 20061007-1021 CLIP (0:55)

1017 - China Radio International (CRI) Chungchun
- Female in Korean reading the news. One of the items quoted KBS. Interesting! Besides NHK in Japanese, there was a third station in the mix. MBC? 20061008-1144 CLIP (0:57)






1062-20061008-1129- 01053-20061007-0938












JOKP (NHK1) 1188 Kitami, Japan
- A female in Japanese is heard on this clip.  There is another station in the background which sounds like HLKX playing music. At the end of the clip, you can hear me changing the frequency to 567 to check for a parallel, which it was. 20061007-0948 CLIP (1:00)

















Oct 8 1200 with woman, TOH ID as KBS, no calls, and time pips into news

 1314 PHILIPPINES Paranaque. DWXI. Oct 6 1413 Female in Tagalog and English with scripture readings and talk. Sometimes besting JOUF.
1314 JAPAN Osaka. JOUF OBC. Oct 6 1414 Male and Female in Japanese. Heard several mentions of Osaka and two mentions of OBC.

 1323 CHINA Urumchi. CRI. Oct 6 1419 Male in Russian, over and mixing with a Korean station and another UNID station. Also Oct 8 1212 Female in Russian //963.SOUTH KOREA Ulleung/Yeonggwang. HLCU/HLQJ KBS1. Oct 6 1420. A male and a female in Korean under CRI. 
Oct 8 1212 Female in Russian //963

-male speaking in Korean over Japanese, which was trying to break through.
01332-20061007-1049 (1:04)

1332 JAPAN Nagoya. JOSF Tokai Hoso.
-Also a rapid fire male on Oct 7 0902 presumably announcing a sports event
01332-20061007-0902 (0:32)
-a man singing in Japanese, an excited female announcer abd a male announcer in Japanese, followed by ads by a man and a woman.
01332-20061007-1512- (5:13)

 1350 JAPAN Hiroshima. JOER RCC. 
Oct 7 1431 Man speaking in Japanese. Noted numerous times in passing.

China National radio 1377 Zhengzhou, China
-Male in chinese. Identified by parallel to 4460.
CLIP (1:00)

JOxx (NHK2), 1386 Various, Japan
-Heard with English language lessons. CLIP (0:55)

JOWF (STV) 1440 Sapporo, Japan
- This was the channel dominant all three nights after the sunset in Hokkaido. In this clip you hear two women talk with a man. CLIP (2:00)

HLKN (KBS1) 1467 Mokpo and JOxx (NHK2) 1467 Various, Japan
This a mixture of NHK2's English language lessons and a man talking in Korean.  Both signals were not very strong, but you could hear them distinctly. 20061007-0924 CLIP (4:15)

JOYR 1494 (RSK) Okayama, Japan
This is another rough cut. The clip starts out with a song, and then a man said RSK. Then you can hear a man and a woman speaking in Japanese. The clip continued with a song and what sounded like an ad.  A couple of times it sounded like another station was trying to break through. 20061007-1429 CLIP (2:48)

4QD 1548 Emerald, Australia
A man spoke in English and I believe I heard a muffled station identification.  He was followed by a ballad song. 20061007-1423 CLIP (5:19)

Family Radio 1557 Kouhu, Taiwan  (Tentative)
This is a tentative reception of Family Radio Taiwan. I heard several different speakers in Chinesse. I don't have any idea of who else this could be. 20061007-1033  CLIP (3:37)

HLAZ 1566 Jeju, South Korea
Religious program in Chinese and music. HLAZ is one of the most reliable stations from the Far East. 20061006-1150. A couple of times I thought I heard a station under HLAZ. I was able to see a weaker trace with HLAZ on the air. CLIP (1:10)

VOA 1575 Thailand
VOA Thailand is usually an easy catch at Grayland.  On this clip you will hear the closing announcement of one program, the opening announcement of the next program, followed by a woman speaking in Burmese. 20061006-1429  CLIP (1:02)

FEN 1575 Sasebo/Misawa/Iwakuni, Japan
This station, presumed FEN Japan, faded up for almost two minutes with the song "Barracuda" by Heart. I tried to listen across the top of the hour a couple times to see if I could hear a local ID, but unfortunately, the station or stations faded out at the time for the ID. 20061007-0904
CLIP (1:45)

1593 - China National Radio 1 (CNR1) and JOTB/JOQB (NHK2) Matsue/Niigata, Japan
Woman and a man speaking in Chinese on this clip.  IDed as // to 4460.  In the background you can hear a man giving a weather report in Japanese. That is no doubt NHK2. 20061007-1313  CLIP

1602 - JOxx 1602 (NHK2) Various, Japan
Something fun to try when DXing Japanese stations is to listen for local IDs. designated times, NHK stations broadcast their local IDs. It is especially fun to try this on the Japanese equivalent of the North American graveyard channels, in this case 1602. Bruce Portzer and I tried on this channel at 1319. Unfortunately, neither one of us heard a clear ID, but we heard JO(pile-up of the last two letters and station locations.) Hear for yourself. 20061007-1319 CLIP (1:01) and 20061008-1319 CLIP (1:00)

1610 - WQEL572 1610 Westport, Washington/unidentified TIS
I heard at least three TIS's here all day long. The only one I could positively identify was WQEL572 with weather and sea conditions.  I think one of the other TIS may have been WPHF897 from South Bend, Washington.  If you can identify another TIS here please send me an E-Mail. 20061006-2215 CLIP (7:23)

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